Capacity Building

JETHEL NIGERIA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED is pleased to promote the need for constant professional training in capacity building and also obligated to offer the service of organizing high quality supportive and interactive workshops whilst enabling participants to be engaged in a user-friendly facility.

Our training programme are delivered through this methods:

International Training Workshops

We have been awarded various contracts in different parts of the country which have been completed with high professional competence and presently about to embark on new projects. It is pertinent to note as a result of our efficiency and diligence, the company parades a lot of customers in both the government and private organizations.

  • British columbia Canada
  • Capetown South Africa
  • Atlanta United States
  • United Arab Emirates Dubai
  • London United Kingdom
  • New Jersey United States
  • France
  • China
  • Switzerland

About our company

Who We are

Jethel Nigeria Global Resources Limited is a registered company incorporated on the 25th February, 2019 with RC NO. 1563918, From Inception, It has maintained a high degree of excellence and the right professional team on hand in getting jobs done professionally and diligently.

Jethel Nigeria Global Resources Limited is a bonafide member of the Nigerian - Russian Business Council (NRBC) registered under the name of the managing Director. Our membership of the NRBC has exposed us to technical association in the building and civil engineering as well as bilateral trade relationship.

Jethel Nigeria Global Resources Limited was professional in the dispatch of there duties, they placed optimum concentration on the success of there students. I really enjoyed the course me and my company partook in, it has really improved my overall knowledge. Jones Okocha


Our Training

The aim of these courses are to enhance the awareness of consultants, employee and business owners regarding their rights, responsibilites and legal liabilities and the methods of managing risk to achieve their project objectives.

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Transformation Leadership

Learn about Crisis Management, Change Management & Transformation and Energy Marketing.

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Strategic Human Resources

Get deeper knowledge on Corporate Governance for any sector and Human Resource Management

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World Legal Systems & Contracts for Oil & Gas

We cover topics bothering on Project Management in Oil and Gas.

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Project Budgeting & Estimation

Learn about Project Planning and Management and Finance Management

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Health Safety & Environment

We learn about General Safety for Industries or Sectors and Health care practice

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Conflict Resolution

Learn how to handle Industrial and Employee Relations, learn Basic Communication skills.

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Marine Safety Management

Management of Terminal Operations, Signaling & Rail Safety and Rail Traffic Management System

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Learn Project Finance, Corporate Finance and Company Valuation.

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Capital Modelling and Capital Management

Get in depth knowledge on Private Equity and Venture Capital.

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